Athletics & Activities

Hello Parents and Guardians,

These are the instructions on how you can register as a parent and register your athletes in Aktivate.

This program is our new program to help us communicate more effectively with you on athletic information for 7th-12th grade, and create more convenience for you to submit forms (such as the physical) to the school as parents.

In this PDF,  for you to read which will offer instructions on how to register your child at the school they participate and attend during the school day, and how you register as parents and guardians.

This is for students in 7th grade to 12th grade for next school year 2023-2024.

There is also a video to watch if you need assistance in the process. 
Parent Registration Instructional Video

Thank you for your help and assistance in moving to this new program in the Boise School District.


Dr. Rutter at
Life Chiropractic offers sports physicals for 20.00 dollars.  All you need to do is set up an appointment and take your paperwork to be signed off.